Max Greenwald

Associate Product Manager @ Google
CS and Public Policy Major Princeton '17
Founder @ IgniteSTEM

Web Projects

  1. BuzzMe BuzzMe is a wearable devices for Speakers to give them real time feedback from their audiences. BuzzMe was created for Haben Girma, a lawyer, disability rights advocate and public speaker who is deafblind. Girma wanted a device that would allow her to gauge audience engagement and response to public speaking presentations. BuzzMe’s transformations are useful for people who have vision or hearing impairment, but it can also be utilized in a number of other artistic and practical situations to relay information passively. Live demo QandA here Code and hardware instructions here

  2. Verifitas A consumer friendly database of the companies that have been indicted by the Federal Trade Commission for Data Security issues. Take a quick look before entrusting your data with these companies.

  3. Cottage Meals Text CottageMeals (609-454-6298) to find out what is for lunch at the University Cottage Club (where I eat my meals at school). Try "Wednesday Dinner" or "what is for sat brunch." This number is Twilio enabled and sent to a Heroku web server which uses BeautifulSoup to query a Google Spreadsheet that is updated weekly with the new menu!

  4. CelebrityMatch Upload a picture of yourself. Find your celebrity twin using advanced deep neural net facial comparison powered by Wolfram Cloud.

  5. WhoUTalkLike Type in a phrase. Do you talk more like Jesus, Hodor, Lil Wayne, Sarah Palin, Elmo, Napoloen Dynamite, or Dwight Schrute?!

  6. The DripDrop A landing page for my litle brother's patented edible ice cream cone attachment.

  7. PoisonousOrNotOut on the trail? Want to eat that unknown leafy green? This web app allows you to upload an image and determine if your plant is PoisonousOrNot

  8. Swap (deprecated) Tired of searching, friending, following and writing down 10 digits of a phone number when you meet someone new? Swap allows you to connect on all your favorite sites with one tap. Web app accompanies the iphone app in Beta. Ask for login credentials.

Side Projects

  1. Google Maps April Fools 2018 I concepted and product managed Google Maps April Fools 2018 - a Where's Waldo scavenger hunt across 5 continents. Users got to play a delightful game while using their favorite product!

  2. Hack-In-A-Box Hackathons are an important type of project based learning that can inspire students to make, build and grow. Hack-In-A-Box is a collaborative effort built by my EdTech non-profit, IgniteSTEM, as a step-by-step DIY toolkit for educators looking to put on hackathons in their schools.

  3. Princeton Senior Thesis The Creepies and The Crawlies: Cross device monitoring in web and mobile apps is a novel analysis of 7,561 websites (automated), 16 websites (manual) and 25 iOS mobile apps (manual) to determine the extent of cross-device tracking from a logged-in Facebook user on their devices. I found 32 third parties taking users' personally identifiable information.

  4. Competitive Sports I love competitive sports - 1:36 half-marathon, 25+ miles in an 8-hour Toughest Mudder, climbed Mountain Fuji from the true base (Guide I wrote here), Rugby player for 6+ years and avid backcountry skiier (grew up in Colorado!)

  5. Documentary Filmmaking An example of a documentary film I created - the inspiring story of an ultra-marathoner. I have recieved 7 international film awards for two documentaries "I'm Too Young To Buy A Prius" and "Making Molehills Out Of Mountains" available by request.

  6. Snapchat GeofiltersAlways having fun messing around with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I finally put that to good use making snapchat geofilters. Linked are some examples of my custom designs - one for a social house that I belong to called Cottage Club and another for Princeton's big annual concert called Lawn Parties.

  7. Hackcon Speech I gave a speech about how best to acquire funding for hackathons from your university. This speech was presented at Hackcon II, a national conference for Hackathon organizers, in Feb 2015

  8. Broke a World Record In charge of fun events for HackPrinceton, I contacted the Guinness Book of World Records and received the specifications for, and continued to actually break, the World Record for The Most Number Of Balloons Blown Up By a Group of People and Most Number of People Simultaneously Wolf Howling

  9. The Harlem Shake Remember this popular movement? I organized and executed my high school's Harlem Shake video to promote community spirit. We had a great time and the entire high school participated.