Max's Blogs And Profiles

  1. Personal Blog My personal thoughts on life and things. Includes posts about how to get sponsorship money for hackathons, my 9 favorite apps and lessons learned in Information Security.

  2. TechCrunch ArticlesAs a TechCrunch contributer I have written articles about my views on privacy and security and how to keep consumers safe from companies unfairly using users' data.

  3. WIRED Investigative Journalism ArticleAn article written with a WIRED staffer based on investigative research on the insecurtiy of iOS dating apps. I am the unnamed researcher in the article.

  4. Huffington Post IgniteSTEM ProfileA profile by a well known EdTech Journalist on the work I do for my EdTech nonprofit IgniteSTEM.

  5. Hacking On Wolfram Language Blog A compilation of all things Wolfram Language from the perspective of a hacker. How to get onboarded with the language, funniest and coolest functions, how to make a web app in Wolfram Language among others.